Ph.D. Dissertations

Dissertations in Progress

Architectural History and Urbanism/Urban Planning/Historic Preservation

Faichney, Sylvia, “The Domesticated Landscape of War: Army Housing in the United States 1890-1996”
Dissertation Advisor: Swati Chattopadhyay

Schlothan, Betty, "Visual Constructions and Assertions of Community in the Early Modern Towns of the German Erzgebirge"
Dissertation Advisor: Mark A. Meadow

Van Doorne, Taylor, "Ephemeral Monuments, the Modern French State, and the Parisian Public, 1789-1848"
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Wittman

Art of the United States

Morris, Sara, "Figurative Sculpture and the Crafting of Identity in Postwar American Art, 1960-1990"
Dissertation Advisor: Jenni Sorkin

Asian American/Asian Diaspora

Tran, Thuy N. D., "Saigon Modernisms: Art of a New Nation, 1954-1975”
Dissertation Advisor: Laurie Monahan

Early Modern Art

Aldrich, Alec, "Common Ground: Landscape and the Mediation of Technology in the Dutch Republic"
Dissertation Advisor: Ann Jensen Adams

Gagnon, Emma, “Picturing Indonesia in the Dutch Republic: Johan Nieuhof’s Gedenkwaerdige zee en lantreize door de voornaemste landschappen van West en Oostindien (‘Memorable Sea and Land Voyage through the Principal Landscape of the West and East Indies’), 1682”
Dissertation Advisor: Ann Jensen Adams

Good, Felicity, “Locating Childhood: The Visual Culture of Children in Early Modern Antwerp and Mexico City”
Dissertation Advisor: Mark A. Meadow

Kagan-Moore, Hannah, "Social Identity and the City in the Augsburger Monatsbilder"
Dissertation Advisor: Mark A. Meadow

Twentieth and/or Twenty-First Century

Cobra Lima, Letícia, "Assembling the Body: South American Assemblage Art, 1960-1996"
Dissertation Advisor: Jenni Sorkin

Grego March, Claudia, "El arte de América Latina es la revolución: networks of political art between Spain and Latin America during the late Francoist dictatorship (1960-1975)"
Dissertation Advisor: Laurie Monahan

Mirzaei, Mohammadreza, "'The Maximum Out of the Minimum Freedom of Speech': Bahman Mohassess’s Painting in the Context of Iranian Art During the 1960s"
Dissertation Advisor: Laurie Monahan

Smith, Elzabeth Driscoll, "Build/Live/Work: Artist-Built Environments and the Expanded Vernacular in the Twentieth Century"
Dissertation Advisor: Jenni Sorkin

Winter, Rachel, "A Spectacle of Inclusion: The Rise of Contemporary Art from the Arab World, Iran, and Turkey in the United States and England, 1970-2020"
Dissertation Advisor: Jenni Sorkin


Samira Fathi
Re-Imagining the Royal City: Architectural Patronage and Urban Memory of Isfahan, 1694–1834
Faculty Chair: Nuha N. N. Khoury

Ben Jameson-Ellsmore
Hackerspaces: The Architecture and Visual Culture of Public Life in Contemporary US Cities
Faculty Chair: Swati Chattopadhyay

Matthew Limb
"Living on the Edge": Craft, Land Use, and the American Environment
Faculty Chair: Jenni Sorkin

Margaret Mansfield
Image Reincarnation in Early Modern Dutch Illustrated Travelogues
Faculty Chair: Ann Jensen Adams


Sarah Bane
Join the Club: Regional Print Clubs in the United States
Faculty Chair: E. Bruce Robertson

Holly Gore
Reinventing Work: Modernist Wood and Skilled Trade, 1930-1965
Faculty Chair: Jenni Sorkin

Yun-Chen Lu
A Left-Turn to Artistic Eccentricity: Gao Fenghan (1683–1749) and Disability Art in Eighteenth-century Yangzhou
Faculty Chair: Peter Sturman

Henning von Mirbach
Landscapes of Memory: Fa Ruozhen (1613-1696) and the Making of Conquest Identities in Early Qing China
Faculty Chair: Peter Sturman

Mary Okin
Painting in Place: Wayne Thiebaud in Postwar American Art
Faculty Chair: E. Bruce Robertson

Alexandra Schultz
Living and Dying in Water: Fluid Infrastructure Disruptions in Urban Egypt (1870-1935)
Faculty Chair: Nuha N. N. Khoury


Virginia Reynolds Badgett
Representing Modern Women: Robert Henri, Portraiture, and Identity
Faculty Chair: E. Bruce Robertson

John Vincent Decemvirale
Knowing Your Place and Making Do: Radical Arts Activism in Black and Latino Los Angeles, 1968-1984
Faculty Chair: Jenni Sorkin

Thomas DePasquale
Leonardo and the Commentators: Seeing Things Hidden in the Earliest Essay on the Work of Art, Naples, ca. 1562
Faculty Chair: Mark A. Meadow

Laura diZerega
Beyond Berlin: Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Bureaucracy, and Rhenish Ecclesiastical Architecture, 1815–1840
Faculty Chair: Richard Wittman

Abelina Galustian
Orienting the Politics of Images: The Armenian Role in Orientalizing Near Eastern Photography, 1850-1930
Faculty Chair: E. Bruce Robertson

History of Art & Architecture Ph.D. Dissertations 2020 - 1972

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