Ph.D. Dissertations

Dissertations in Progress

Architectural History and Urbanism/Urban Planning/Historic Preservation

Faichney, Sylvia, “The Domesticated Landscape of War: Army Housing in the United States 1890-1996”
Dissertation Advisor: Swati Chattopadhyay

Schlothan, Betty, "Visual Constructions and Assertions of Community in the Early Modern Towns of the German Erzgebirge"
Dissertation Advisor: Mark A. Meadow

Van Doorne, Taylor, "Ephemeral Monuments, the Modern French State, and the Parisian Public, 1789-1848"
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Wittman

Asian American/Asian Diaspora

Tran, Thuy N. D., "Saigon Modernisms: Art of a New Nation, 1954-1975”
Dissertation Advisor: Laurie Monahan

Early Modern Art

Aldrich, Alec, "Common Ground: Landscape and the Mediation of Technology in the Dutch Republic"
Dissertation Advisor: Ann Jensen Adams

Gagnon, Emma, “Picturing Indonesia in Amsterdam: The Printed Images of Johan Nieuhof’s Remarkable Voyages and Travels to the East-Indies (1682)”
Dissertation Advisor: Ann Jensen Adams

Good, Felicity, “Locating Childhood: The Visual Culture of Children in Early Modern Antwerp and Mexico City”
Dissertation Advisor: Mark A. Meadow

Kagan-Moore, Hannah, "Social Identity and the City in the Augsburger Monatsbilder"
Dissertation Advisor: Mark A. Meadow

Twentieth and/or Twenty-First Century

Cobra Lima, Letícia, "Assembling the Body: South American Assemblage Art, 1960-1996"
Dissertation Advisor: Jenni Sorkin

Grego March, Claudia, "El arte de América Latina es la revolución: networks of political art between Spain and Latin America during the late Francoist dictatorship (1960-1975)"
Dissertation Advisor: Laurie Monahan

Mirzaei, Mohammadreza, "'The Maximum Out of the Minimum Freedom of Speech': Bahman Mohassess’s Painting in the Context of Iranian Art During the 1960s"
Dissertation Advisor: Laurie Monahan

Morris, Sara, "Clay Bodies: Figurative Ceramics and the Crafting of Identity in Postwar Sculpture"
Dissertation Advisor: Jenni Sorkin

Smith, Elzabeth Driscoll, "Build/Live/Work: Artist-Built Environments and the Expanded Vernacular in the Twentieth Century"
Dissertation Advisor: Jenni Sorkin

Winter, Rachel, "A Spectacle of Inclusion: The Rise of Contemporary Art from the Arab World, Iran, and Turkey in the United States and England, 1970-2020"
Dissertation Advisor: Jenni Sorkin


Samira Fathi
Re-Imagining the Royal City: Architectural Patronage and Urban Memory of Isfahan, 1694–1834
Faculty Chair: Nuha N. N. Khoury

Ben Jameson-Ellsmore
Hackerspaces: The Architecture and Visual Culture of Public Life in Contemporary U.S. Cities
Faculty Chair: Swati Chattopadhyay

Matthew Limb
Dirt(y) Politics: Geological Primitivism and Land Use in the Ceramic Vessel Tradition of the American West, 1921-1994
Faculty Chair: Jenni Sorkin

Margaret Mansfield
Image Reincarnation in Early Modern Dutch Illustrated Travelogues
Faculty Chair: Ann Jensen Adams


Sarah Bane
Join the Club: Regional Print Clubs in the United States
Faculty Chair: E. Bruce Robertson

Holly Gore
Reinventing Work: Modernist Wood and Skilled Trade, 1930-1965
Faculty Chair: Jenni Sorkin

Yun-Chen Lu
A Left-Turn to Artistic Eccentricity: Gao Fenghan (1683–1749) and Disability Art in Eighteenth-Century Yangzhou
Faculty Chair: Peter Sturman

Henning von Mirbach
Local Landscapes: Fa Ruozhen (1613–1696) and the Making of Conquest Identities in Early Qing China
Faculty Chair: Peter Sturman

Mary Okin
Painting in Place: Wayne Thiebaud in Postwar American Art
Faculty Chair: E. Bruce Robertson

Alexandra Schultz
Living and Dying in Water: Fluid Infrastructure Disruptions in Urban Egypt (1870-1935)
Faculty Chair: Nuha N. N. Khoury


Virginia Reynolds Badgett
Representing Modern Women: Robert Henri, Portraiture, and Identity
Faculty Chair: E. Bruce Robertson

John Vincent Decemvirale
Knowing Your Place and Making Do: Radical Arts Activism in Black and Latino Los Angeles, 1968-1984
Faculty Chair: Jenni Sorkin

Thomas DePasquale
Leonardo and the Commentators: Seeing Things Hidden in the Earliest Essay on the Work of Art, Naples, ca. 1562
Faculty Chair: Mark A. Meadow

Laura diZerega
Beyond Berlin: Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Bureaucracy, and Rhenish Ecclesiastical Architecture, 1815–1840
Faculty Chair: Richard Wittman

Abelina Galustian
Orienting the Politics of Images: The Armenian Role in Orientalizing Near Eastern Photography, 1850-1930
Faculty Chair: E. Bruce Robertson

History of Art & Architecture Ph.D. Dissertations 2020 - 1972

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