Ann Jensen Adams
  • Professor

17th-century Dutch Art; Visual Culture & History of Science (16th - 18th centuries); Early Modern Gender Studies; Portraiture.

Heather Badamo
  • Assistant Professor

East Christian and Byzantine art; Theories of cultural exchange; Philosophies of religious violence; Strategies for communal self-fashioning as manifested in the visual arts.

Alicia Boswell
  • Assistant Professor

Pre-Columbian art and archaeology; cultural heritage; conservation; cultural landscapes; culture contact; frontiers; metalworking and ancient technology; craft production.

Allison Caplan
  • Assistant Professor

Mesoamerican art; ancient and colonial Latin America; art theory and aesthetics; materiality; art and language.

Swati Chattopadhyay
  • Professor

Modern architecture and urbanism; Cultural landscape of colonialism; British empire; Postcolonial and critical theory.

Nuha N. N. Khoury
  • Associate Professor
  • Department Diversity Officer

Islamic architecture and urbanism, 7th - 9th centuries and 17th century; medieval Islamic Iconography; modern art of the Arab world; critiques of the field.

María Lumbreras
  • Assistant Professor

Arts of the Iberian world, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; interactions of art and science; early modern antiquarianism; early modern art theory; histories of record-keeping and evidence-handling technologies; historiographies of art.

Mark A. Meadow
  • Professor

Northern European Art, 15th - 17th century; Kunst- and Wunderkammern; History of Museums and Collecting; Early-Modern Spectacle.

Laurie Monahan
  • Associate Professor
  • Department Chair

Surrealism; French art (interwar period); European 20th-century Art; American Post-WWII Art; Visual Culture; Critical Theory.

  • (805) 893-8060 (chair’s office)
  • Arts 1240 (Chair's office)
  • Arts 1218 (faculty office)
Claudia Moser
  • Associate Professor

Roman Republican sanctuaries; altars; ancient rituals; cults and burial practices.

Sylvester Okwunodu Ogbechie
  • Professor
  • Undergraduate Advisor

African and African Diaspora Arts and Visual Culture; Contemporary Art; Cultural Patrimony Research, and Critical Theory.

Carole Paul
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Director of Museum Studies

17th- and 18th-century art and architecture in Italy; history of collecting and museums.

Jenni Sorkin
  • Associate Professor

Contemporary art; material culture, craft, and design; gender and artistic labor; art criticism; feminist historiographies and theory; alternative spaces; art school pedagogies; global exhibition practice and history; queer culture and theory.

Peter Sturman
  • Professor

Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Early to Modern; intersections of texts, theories, and images.

Volker M. Welter
  • Professor
  • Graduate Admissions Advisor

Modern architecture; domestic architecture; patronage; histories of modernist, revival styles; and, sustainable architecture.

Jeremy White
  • Continuing Lecturer

Architecture of the United States; Contemporary architecture.

Richard Wittman
  • Associate Professor
  • Graduate Advisor

Cultural history of European architecture and town planning, 17th - 19th centuries; theory and historiography of architecture.