M.A. Theses


Nathan Segura
Censored Ambiguity: María Izquierdo’s Tribute to Mexico
Faculty Chair: Laurie Monahan


Jing Cao
Poetic Approaches to Zhao Mengjian’s Narcissus
Faculty Chair: Peter Sturman


Victoria Jennings
I Sing the Body Magical: Baubo and Her Apotropaic Power
Faculty Chair: Claudia Moser


Sophia Gimenez
Hot Off the Press: Image-Making, Eroticism, Counterculture, and Obscenity in Yayoi Kusama's Underground Newspaper
Faculty Chair: E. Bruce Robertson

Melina Natalya Gooray
Concrete Under the Guyanese Sun
Faculty Chair: Swati Chattopadhyay


Sarah Bane
The Art of the Show Window: The Role of Fine Art and Artists in the Formation of the Department Store and its Displays
Faculty Chair: E. Bruce Robertson

Susan Schmidt
'Now on Sea, Now on Land': Venice's Piazza San Marco
Faculty Chair: C. Edson Armi


Samantha Chang
Cultivating Graffiti: Social Space of Los Angeles River Graffiti at the Meeting of Styles: L.A. (2007)
Faculty Chair: Laurie Monahan

Amanda Young
Making Reflections/Reflecting Making: Clara Peeters and the Representation of Early Modern Authorship
Faculty Chair: Ann Jensen Adams


Alisa Alexander
How to Produce a Fantasy World: Henry Darger and American Hobby Culture
Faculty Chair: Laurie Monahan

Margaret Bell
Through the Crystal Veil: Devotional Discipline and the Ambivalence of the Material Image on the Sacro Monte di Varallo
Faculty Chair: Robert Williams

Laura diZerega
'This Charming Symmetry of Contradictions': The Arabesque and the Emerging Bourgeois Family in Philipp Otto Runge's Fall of the Fatherland (1809)
Faculty Chair: Robert Williams

Diva Zumaya
Queen Catherine of Braganza as St. Catherine: Picturing Piety and Female Agency at the Restoration Court
Faculty Chair: Ann Jensen Adams


Briana Bricker
Founts of Identity: Water Usage and Landscape Change in Southwestern Anatolia
Faculty Chair: Fikret Yegül


Lauren Gallow
Modernism Remodeled: Branding the Image of Modernism in Dwell Magazine, 2000-2010
Faculty Chair: Laurie Monahan

Ana Milena Mitrovici
From a Nation's Past: (Re)constructing the Tropaeum Traiani at Adamklissi
Faculty Chair: Fikret Yegül

Briana Simmons
Vicente Alban's Quiteno Series of 1783: Science and Spectacle / Representing the New World
Faculty Chair: Jeanette Favrot Peterson

History of Art & Architecture M.A. Theses 2009-1972

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