M.A. Theses


Alexander Luckmann
The Role of Museums and Historic Preservation in the Creation of German National Identity, Illustrated in the Magazine Die Denkmalpflege, 1899-1922
Faculty Chair: Volker M. Welter

Nathan Segura
Censored Ambiguity: María Izquierdo’s Tribute to Mexico
Faculty Chair: Laurie Monahan


Jing Cao
Poetic Approaches to Zhao Mengjian’s Narcissus
Faculty Chair: Peter Sturman


Victoria Jennings
I Sing the Body Magical: Baubo and Her Apotropaic Power
Faculty Chair: Claudia Moser


Sophia Gimenez
Hot Off the Press: Image-Making, Eroticism, Counterculture, and Obscenity in Yayoi Kusama's Underground Newspaper
Faculty Chair: E. Bruce Robertson

Melina Natalya Gooray
Concrete Under the Guyanese Sun
Faculty Chair: Swati Chattopadhyay

History of Art & Architecture M.A. Theses 2017-1972

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