2024-2025 History of Art & Architecture Course Schedule

NOTE: All History of Art & Architecture courses use the prefix ARTHI

* = Museum Studies
^ = Architecture and Environment
~ = Game Studies
\ = Architecture & Urban History
Red = Grad Seminars
Purple = Undergrad Seminars
Black = Undergrad Upper Division
Green = Undergrad Lower Division

Schedule is subject to change - last updated 5/13/2024
BADAMO Sabbatical 297  Getty Graduate Consortium Seminar Sabbatical
BOSWELL 130D  Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Andes ^ Non-Teaching 6H  Survey: Arts of the Ancient Americas * ^ \
187A  Approaches to Objects * 130G  Art and Architecture of the North Coast of Peru
CHATTOPADHYAY Non-Teaching 136B  Twentieth-Century Architecture ^ \ 5A  Introduction to Architecture & Environment * ^ \
136E  Food Space ^ \ 265  Seminar: Topics in Architectural History & Urbanism
KHOURY 6K  Survey: Islamic Art and Architecture * ^ \ 132I  Art of Empire 186Q: Seminar in Islamic Art and Architecture ^ \
132J  Modern Art of the Arab World 275B  Topics in Islamic Art & Architecture
LUMBRERAS 109B Decentering Renaissance Art Non-Teaching 6-TBA  The Arts of the Iberian World
186P  Seminar in Latin American Art 100-TBA:  Art and the Environment in the Early Modern World
MEADOW Sabbatical Sabbatical 6M  Survey: Eccentric Images * ^
MOSER W 6R  Rome the Game * ^ ~ \ 103G  Ancient Spectacle ~ Non-Teaching
186B  Seminar in Ancient Greek & Roman Art/Architecture ^
OGBECHIE 127A  African Art I 6E  Survey: Arts of Africa, Oceania, and Native North America * ^ 200A  Proseminar
127B  African Art II
PAUL 113B  Seventeenth Century Art in Italy I \ 5B  Introduction to Museum Studies * ^ 141D  Birth of the Modern Museum *
186H  Seminar in Seventeenth Century Southern European Art
RITTER Non-Teaching Non-Teaching 141A  Museum Practices and Techniques *
SORKIN 148C  Art in California * 263  Seminar: Topics in Contemporary Art Non-Teaching
STURMAN 282A  Seminar: Topics on East Asian Art Non-Teaching 134CA  Chinese Paintings 1
WELTER 136O  Sustainable Architecture: History and Aesthetics ^ \ 141G  Architecture of Museums and Galleries from c. 1800 to the Present * ^ \ 136Y:  Modern Architecture in Southern California, c. 1890s to the Present ^ \
186SV  Seminar in Modern Architecture ^ \
WHITE 6L  Playful Spaces: A Cultural History of Games * ^ ~ 6J  Survey: Contemporary Architecture * ^ ~ 136C  Architecture of the United States ^ \
136W  Intro to 2D/3D Visualizations in Architecture \
WITTMAN 6F  Survey: Architecture and Planning * ^ ~ 142A  Architecture and Planning in Seventeenth-Century Europe ^ \ Non-Teaching
265  Seminar: Topics in Architectural History & Urbanism 142C  Paris and Rome in the Nineteenth Century \


Summer 2024 History of Art & Architecture Courses

* = Museum Studies
^ = Architecture and Environment
~ = Game Studies
\ = Architecture & Urban History
Black = Undergrad Upper Division
Green = Undergrad Lower Division

Schedule is subject to change - Last Updated 4/30/2024
SESSION A  (June 24 - August 2)
Faichney 5A  Introduction to Architecture & Environment * ^ \
Mirzaei 6K  Survey: Islamic Art and Architecture * ^ \
Moser W 6R  Rome the Game * ^ ~ \
Chattopadhyay 136I  The City in History
SESSION B  (August 5 - September 13)
White 6J  Survey: Contemporary Architecture * ^ ~
White 6L  Playful Spaces: A Cultural History of Games * ^ ~
Moser W 6R  Rome the Game * ^ ~ \


Crashing a History of Art & Architecture Course

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