Department Honors Program

Prerequisites for admission to the Department Honors Program

  • Honors students must:
    • be in their junior or senior year and have completed at least 3 upper division courses in History of Art & Architecture. Seniors who are graduating in the Spring quarter should complete all requirements of the Department Honors Program including their Honors Thesis during the Winter quarter before their graduation. Students who wish to have their Honors Thesis fully considered for a departmental award should complete their Honors Thesis during the Winter quarter of the year in which they are enrolled in the Department Honors Program
    • maintain a 3.5 GPA in all upper division History of Art & Architecture courses
    • maintain an overall GPA of 3.0, which must be sustained throughout the course of the student’s project

Application Procedures

  • Obtain the Department Honors Program application (see Undergraduate Student Forms) and send to the Undergraduate Advisor, link opens in the default email client.
  • After choosing a general topic of research for their Honors Thesis, Honors candidates select and meet with a faculty member in their area of emphasis. Once this faculty member agrees to serve as faculty advisor for the project, specific requirements are negotiated. Students then submit an Honors Proposal to the department (see space provided on application), signed by their faculty advisor. Acceptance of the proposal requires the review and signature of the Department Chair. Honors candidates may inquire with the Undergraduate Advisor, link opens in the default email client, on the status of their application within a few days of submission.

Program Requirements

   Note: courses must be taken for a letter grade.
   Note: grade of B or better required to receive Distinction in the Major.

  • In addition to completing one seminar course (186-series), required for all History of Art & Architecture majors, the students must complete the following courses:
    • 1st course: (choose one from) 186-series, ARTHI 199, ARTHI upper division course with College of Letters & Science Honors Contract Link opens in a new window, or graduate ARTHI seminar
    • 2nd course: ARTHI 199
      • NOTE: Both options lead to the completion of an Honors Thesis. Alternative options must be approved by the Undergraduate Advisor and Department Chair.
  • Deadline for completion of the thesis is Monday of the 8th week of the last quarter in which the student is working on the Honors Thesis.

Honors Thesis Specifications

  • Please note these deadlines that apply to ALL students in the Honors Program:
    • Beginning of week 8 of the second quarter of your Honors Thesis research project: Submit one (1) copy to your advisor for commenting and grading
    • By week 10 of the second quarter of your Honors Thesis research project: Submit one (1) final copy (corrected, if required) of your Honors Thesis to the main departmental office

The following are recommendations. Please discuss with your Honors Thesis advisor if and which adjustments are required based on your specific research project.

  • The suggested minimum length is c. 20-25 pages main text plus images, bibliography, appendix, etc.
  • The thesis project should comprise a structured research process including but not limited to bibliography, outline, first draft, submission copy, and final copy.

A sample outline of a completed Honors Thesis includes:

  • title page
  • table of content
  • list of images
  • main text (double-spaced, continous essay, or structured in sections or chapters)
  • images (unless included in main text)
  • bibliography (divided into primary sources, secondary sources, etc. if applicable)
  • list of image sources
  • appendices (if applicable)

Honors Thesis Review

After the Honors Thesis is completed and submitted, they are evaluated by a committee consisting of the student’s faculty advisor and at least one other departmental faculty member, usually a specialist in a neighboring field. Among the criteria used in evaluating Honors Theses are scholarly presentation, originality, and quality of research.