HAA Room Scheduling

Lecture by Jennifer Doyle (University of California, Riverside), "Just Friends: Pop Out and Queer Theory's Emergence," in conjunction with the 2014-2015 History of Art & Architecture Lecture Series “Materiality”

The rooms listed below are primarily intended as locations for academic and department events for use by History of Art & Architecture faculty and graduate students, and undergraduate student organizations for single-use meetings/events/exams or repeating group meetings by HAA students. Any ongoing, curricular-related scheduling should be directed to Savannah Parison, Program Advisor. These rooms are not available for use by nonacademic units or community groups.

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  1. All requests are confirmed on a first-come first-served basis, with priority given to:
  • extra meetings and DSP/makeup exams associated with a specific academic course
  • graduate student exams
  • HAA department events
  1. Advance requests for repeating group meetings may be made one quarter at a time by sending a prioritized list of three day/time options
  2. The reservation holder is responsible for requesting room keys and operating all classroom equipment (equipment orientation and support is available when needed), locking up equipment and the room and promptly returning keys
  3. All rooms should be returned to original configuration, including seating, and cleaned of all trash
  4. On occasion, multiple requests are submitted for the same room/day/time. If your reservation is for a non-prioritized meeting, you may be contacted to move the meeting to allow an exam or department event to take the space. Your cooperation is appreciated
  5. If a room will no longer be needed, cancel the reservation as soon as it is known

Please review these policies prior to submitting any reservations.

Questions? Contact Christine Fritsch, Image Resource Center: fritsch@hfa.ucsb.edu | 893-2509


All classrooms are equipped with:

  • a podium containing a Mac Mini computer, wireless keyboard and mouse, a combination DVD/VHS player, a Blu-ray player, and USB ports
  • wall-mounted speakers
  • dimmable lights    

ARTS 1341

Room 1341 is used for instruction of large lower and upper division classes of up to 60 students with high quality image projection and sound and chalkboards along two walls. Seating is movable chairs with desk arms.

ARTS 1332

Room 1332 is the department conference room for meetings and lectures, for small to large seminars (5-30 students) and for discussion groups. The room has configurable seating: on one side is a large conference table that seats up to 12 and on the other side movable narrow tables and chairs that can accommodate up to 30 (with tables and chairs) or 50 (using chairs only, tables pushed to the walls). There are two TV monitors for projection and high quality sound, a rolling chalk board and fixed dry-erase board.

ARTS 2622

Room 2622 is used primarily for small to large seminars. A large conference table seats up to 14, with an additional 10 chairs around the perimeter. The room has high quality image projection and sound, a camera for remote visitors, and a rolling chalkboard. No dimmable lighting.

ARTS 2324

Room 2324 is used primarily for undergraduate survey discussion sections and usually seats 25 around tables placed in a u-shape. It has high quality image projection and sound, a rolling chalkboard, and dry-erase boards.

ARTS 1245 (IRC Learning Lab)

The Image Resource Center’s Learning Lab has two flatbed scanning stations (one PC and one Mac) equipped with high-quality Epson scanners and computers with image and document creation and editing software. There is also a separate meeting/discussion area with configurable table and chairs that will seat up to 8, with a Mac mini, TV monitor and a camera.  IRC facilities are available on a reserve basis. To reserve scanners or the meeting area, stop by, phone or email Christine Fritsch with the information listed below. Note: Reservations can be scheduled only during IRC business hours.


Current HAA Room Schedules

Below are current HAA classroom bookings.

To request a room, contact Christine Fritsch with the following information:

  • Contact Name
  • Reason for reservation (e.g., Group name and meeting type, Event title and organizer(s), Course number and exam type)
  • Event start and end times, and if it will be a repeated event/meeting
  • Room preference(s)
  • If keys and/or classroom equipment training are required
  • Any additional comments or requests

When reserving a room, you agree that:

  • Before the event, to request equipment orientation and support if needed
  • After the event, to restore the room to its original condition; return all equipment into, and lock, the podium; turn off lights and projector (if used); make sure all windows are closed; and, lock doors. Additionally, all spilled food or litter will be cleaned up, borrowed keys will be returned either to the department lockbox or to the department office (Arts 1234) by the next business day following the event
  • Users will be recharged for extraordinary cleaning expenses, repair of any damage, and any lost keys