Internships and Opportunities

Art, Design & Architecture Museum interns lead a middle school tour of "Freedom Now! Forgotten Photographs of the Civil Rights Struggle" on view, October 19 - December 13, 2013 (courtesy Art, Design & Architecture Museum)


Norton Simon MuseumThe application for this year's Summer Museum Education Internship at the Norton Simon Museum has just been posted on our website. We’re looking for a college senior or recent graduate with a strong background in Art History and an interest in art museums and education. Please spread the word to any students who you think might be interested.  The internship is paid and offers a great introduction to museum careers, education, and LA museums. The application deadline is February 15, and they can apply through the website's Career Opportunities  page.

Please direct any questions regarding the internship to or Mariko Tu at

There are three paid opportunities available at LACMA :


  • Mellon Summer Academy and Undergraduate Curatorial Fellowship program : Current undergraduate students with a graduation date of May 2020 or later are eligible to apply for a one-week immersion experience in the museum, June 17-22, 2018. Application deadline: March 1.
  • LEAP Fellowship program : Recent undergraduates who have earned their baccalaureate degree within the past two years are eligible to apply for a fellowship with the Director or the Head of Curatorial and Planning starting July 2, 2018 (one year with the possibility to renew a second year). Application deadline: April 2.
  • Mellon opportunity for diversity in conservation : Undergraduate students and recent graduates are eligible to apply for a one-week conservation workshop, July 9-14, 2018. Application deadline: March 9.

Interested in working with Native collections? The Indian Arts Research Center (IARC) at the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe, NM, offers two nine-month paid internships to college graduates or junior museum professionals. Internships include a salary, housing, and book and travel allowances. Interns participate in the daily collections and programming activities of the IARC and also benefit from the mentorship of the Anne Ray scholar. Deadline to apply March 1.

Undergraduate Internships

Internships in galleries, art museums, and architecture offices are a great possibility to gather experience of working in fields where art historians and architectural historians can find employment. The Department of the History of Art & Architecture offers four possibilities to earn units for an internship: ARTHI 141B, ARTHI 141C, ARTHI 141E and ARTHI 141F.  Each course can be taken for 1-4 units, but you can only take a maximum 12 units total in all four courses throughout your studies at UCSB.  All internships are typically unpaid. Internships are self-organized which means that you must take the initiative with regard to the following steps:

  • Contact Savannah Sharp Parison, Program Advisor, to obtain the relevant internship application form (or see Undergraduate Student Forms) and to discuss which professor might be suitable as your faculty internship supervisor.
  • Find a suitable institution and/or firm/office for your internship. Consult with Savannah if you are in doubt if a particular gallery or museum is acceptable for an internship for course credit. Discuss the specifics of the internship (e.g., working hours, duties) and have your internship supervisor sign the departmental internship application form.
  • Ask your faculty internship supervisor to sign the departmental internship application form.
  • Return the form to Savannah Sharp Parison to have it signed by the Department Chair. After that signature is obtained, you will be handed an add code.

Application forms must be filed in advance of the internship, latest when you start working as an intern. Internships cannot be arranged after you started working or in retrospect. To download the form for your internship, see Undergraduate Student Forms.

ARTHI 141B Internship

This course number covers internships in off-campus art and architecture museums, art and architecture galleries, and also architecture offices. Besides inding a suitable internship place, you will have to find a faculty internship supervisor. The internship requires that you keep a journal of your work experience, discuss the details with your faculty internship supervisor. There is only one grading option (pass/non-pass).

ARTHI 141C Visual Technology Internship

An internship in the Image Resource Center (IRC) of the Department of the History of Art & Architecture aids in developing skills in the visual technologies relevant to art history and architectural history teaching and research. You will have to find a faculty internship supervisor and there is only one grading option (pass/non-pass).

ARTHI 141E Art, Design & Architecture Museum

This internship is organized and administered by the Art, Design & Architecture Museum  at UCSB, including the requirements for both the internship and the student work. By default, the Undergraduate Faculty Advisor of our department will be the faculty internship supervisor for every student who wishes to obtain course credit for an AD&A Museum internship. Apply directly to the AD&A Museum. Once you are accepted, you will have to fill out a departmental internship application form and choose ARTHI 141E. This internship offers optional grading (letter grade or pass/non-pass). This course number applies only to internships organized by the Curator of Education, AD&A Museum. Students who intern with the Registrar must use course # ARTHI 141B.

ARTHI 141F Architecture & Design Collection Internship

This internship is organized and administered by the Architecture & Design Collection (ADC) .

Internship Possibilities at UCSB


   Contact: or (805) 893-4564
   Internships are archival.


   Contact: Elyse Gonzales, or (805) 893-5299
   Internships vary.


   Contact: Jackie Spafford, or (805) 893-2509

Internship Possibilities in the Santa Barbara Area

*This is a selective list; there are many more galleries and museums in the Santa Barbara area. All internships in this section require course number ARTHI 141B, Pass/Not Pass Only.


   Contact: Tara Rizzi, Executive Director
   229 E. Victoria St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or (805) 966-4198


   Contact: Allison Marcillac, Executive Director
   229 E. Victoria St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or (805) 965-6307


   Contact: Julie McLeod
   816 Chelham Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93108 or (805) 565-1332


   Contact: Jack N. Mohr, Executive Director
   11 W. Anapamu St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or (805) 568-1400


   Contact: Marcello Ricci, Program Director
   205C Santa Barbara St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or (805) 965-7321

The Arts Fund, a Santa Barbara-based nonprofit committed to supporting artists and arts programming in our community, announces the availability of a limited number of internships. This is an opportunity for interested students (undergraduate or graduate) to learn about arts management while making a valuable contribution to the community. Internships are voluntary and unpaid and requires a quarter commitment and flexible schedule. Interns will gain experience in arts administration, gallery management, exhibit design and installation, fundraising and nonprofit administration.


   Contact: Susannah Gordon, Visitor & Volunteer Coordinator
   1387 E. Valley Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93108 or (805) 565-5653, ext. 202


   Contact: Francesca Ruggeri, Office Manager
   P.O. Box 23557, Santa Barbara, CA 93121 or (805) 564-3438


   Contacts: Melanie Ball, Coordinator of Engagement
   653 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or (805) 966-5373, ext. 110


   Contact: Sarah Rubin, Executive Director
   Santa Barbara County Courthouse, 1100 Anacapa St., Third Floor, Rotunda Tower, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or (805) 568-3992


   Contact: Collections Department
   136 E. De la Guerra St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or (805) 966-1601, ext. 104

Gain experience in managing the museum's collections, which include prints, paintings, sculptures, textiles and other items of historical significance.  Complete an inventory of objects, re-housing and arranging objects, conserving objects in archival boxes. Assist in collections registration by assigning accession numbers and object ID numbers, creating and digitzing catalog records.


   Contact: Education Department
   136 E. De la Guerra St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or (805) 966-1601, ext. 108

The first gallery (the Sala) is dedicated to works of art; the exhibit changes every 4-6 months. Assist the director of education with tours and community outreach programs; develop, implement and market school programs; work with the volunteer docents; help create scripts for tours.


   Contact: Dr. Monica I. Orozco, Director
   2201 Laguna St., Santa Barbara, CA 93105


   Contact: Margot Dement, Human Resources Director
   1130 State St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or or (805) 884-6440

   Internships vary, most require office or computer skills.


   Contact: Nathan Vonk, Curator of Sculpture
   11 E. Anapamu St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or (805) 730-1460


   Contact: Ralph and Diane Waterhouse
   La Arcada, 1114 State St., Suite 9, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or (805) 962-8885

Art History Education Outreach Program

The Art History Education Outreach Program is composed of UCSB graduate and undergraduate students who are dedicated to enriching the educational experience of students in the Santa Barbara and Goleta areas through art history. Learning about the history of art and architecture is not only a valuable way to think about cultural, political and social histories, but also provides opportunities to develop critical visual analysis skills to which many students are not introduced until college. We recognize that classrooms often operate under strict time constraints, and so in addition to offering new information and skills to students our presentations will provide novel ways for students to engage with existing state content standards and common core standards. Through visually exciting presentations and classroom activities, students will be able to explore the importance of the visual arts in history and in their daily lives, and have fun doing it!

For more information on the Outreach Program, see the Santa Barbara Partners in Education website or contact Mary Okin.

Education Abroad Programs

Study Abroad for History of Art & Architecture Majors

The Department of History of Art & Architecture encourages its students to complete some portion of their undergraduate study through UCSB’s Education Abroad Program . History of Art & Architecture majors can deepen their understanding of the art and culture of particular nations and regions by studying at a foreign university while adding an international dimension to their undergraduate education. Because all courses taken through EAP are accepted as UC courses, students may spend as much as a year of study at a foreign university with no loss of time completing their degrees. Honors majors have the extraordinary opportunity to use their period abroad for first-hand research on their honors thesis projects.

Additional information at UCSB's Education Abroad Program or download the Study Abroad for History of Art and Architecture Majors flyer .

Art History Association

Art History Association events and field trips are open to all History of Art & Architecture Majors, Minors, and students who are interested in learning more about the field and its areas of specialization, careers, and graduate programs. Check for announcements on the department News/Events page and find us on Facebook and Instagram . Students with Umail accounts can sign up to be on the ARTHIS-undergrad , the History of Art & Architecture electronic mailing list for undergrads, to keep current with events and job/internship information. Direct all other questions about the Art History Association to

2016-2017 Officers
   Emily Crum
   Brett McDaniel

   Savannah Sharp Parison, Program Advisor