Yun-chen Lu

Yun-chen Lu
Graduate Student


Areas of Concentration: East Asian art, Chinese painting and calligraphy
Faculty Advisor: Peter Sturman
Committee Members: Miriam Wattles, Xiaorong Li, Hui-Shu Lee (Art History, UCLA), Lothar von Falkenhausen (Art History, UCLA)
Dissertation: "Gao Fenghan’s (1683-1749) Path to Eccentricity and the Growth of Epigraphical Writing in Early Qing Yangzhou"
M.A. Thesis: "Criticism and Connoisseurship: Yue Ke’s (1183-1243) Calligraphy Collection in Southern Song" (National Taiwan University, completed 2013)


Yun-chen (Clio) is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she specializes in East Asian art history. Her dissertation project concerns regional styles in seventeenth-to-eighteenth-centuries China by focusing on Gao Fenghan’s (1683-1749) artistic path and inspiration from Shandong, Anhui, to Yangzhou. The project also explores the growth of artistic eccentricity and epigraphical writing in early Qing China. Prior to enrolling in UC Santa Barbara, Yun-Chen was working at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. She came to UCSB with her B.A. in Chinese Literature and M.A. in Art History from National Taiwan University.