Rachel Winter

Rachel Winter
Graduate Student


Areas of Concentration: Contemporary Middle Eastern Art; Museum History, Theory, and Display; Global Contemporary; Cultural Exchange
Faculty Advisor: Jenni Sorkin
M.A. Thesis: "Out of the Periphery: Identity and Protest Art Amidst Alternative Revolutions" (Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies, University of Iowa, completed 2017)


Rachel Winter is a second-year Ph.D. student researching contemporary artists from the Middle East that live in diaspora and are on display in major museums in the United States post 9/11. Within this, she considers both collecting and curatorial practices pre and post 9/11. Rachel also considers the history of American art museums. Throughout her tenure at UCSB, Rachel served as a Teaching Assistant for art history surveys ranging from ancient to medieval, Renaissance to Baroque, modern to contemporary, and the history of photography. Rachel received her M.A. from the University of Iowa in Interdisciplinary Studies: Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies under the mentorship of Dr. Ahmed Souaiaia in 2017. Her M.A. research focused on issues of gender and suicide bombers, as well as the relationship between asymmetric conflict theory and popular uprisings. During her M.A., Rachel received the award for Outstanding Graduate Student in Islamic Studies, and taught courses in Sociology, Religious Studies, and History. In 2015, Rachel received her B.A. with honors in Art History from the University of Iowa focusing on critical theory and conceptual art under the guidance of Dr. Craig Adcock. During Rachel’s museum tenure, she designed educational materials on protest art created during the Arab Spring.