Alexandra Schultz

Alexandra Schultz
Graduate Student


Area of Concentration: Architecture and Urbanism of the Modern Middle East
Faculty Advisor: Nuha N. N. Khoury
Committee Members: Swati Chattopadhyay (second chair), Paul Amar (Global Studies, UCSB), Michael Provence (History, UCSD)
Dissertation: "Water in the City: Mapping Claims to Water Infrastructure in Egypt 1870-1920"
M.A. Thesis: "Visual Signs of Islam in France: Kufic Inscriptions at Notre Dame, Le Puy" (UIUC, 2009)


Alex is a Ph.D. Candidate specializing in architecture and urbanism in the Middle East during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She is currently working on her dissertation on urban water infrastructure at the end of the nineteenth century. She received her MA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2009 with a focus in medieval art and architecture.

Alex has received several grants and fellowships, including a Critical Language Scholarship to study Arabic in Morocco during summer 2015, and a Research Travel Grant from the Center for Middle Eastern Studies for fieldwork in Egypt and Lebanon in 2014. She has also received Mallory Fellowship from HAA, a Dean’s Fellowship from the Graduate Division at UC Santa Barbara, and three Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS) for the study of Arabic.