Thomas DePasquale Publishes Translations of 16th-Century Letters

Ph.D. Candidate Thomas DePasquale’s translation of a series of letters on painting written by the sixteenth-century Italian scientist Ulisse Aldrovandi is included in the book, Paradigms of Renaissance Grotesques, edited by Damiano Acciarino and published by the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies at the University of Toronto in 2019.

From the publisher: This collection offers a set of new readings on the history, meanings, and cultural innovations of the grotesque as defined by various current cultural critical theories and practices.... Whether travelling a short distance from Nero’s Domus Aurea to Raphael’s Vatican logge, or across the ocean from Italy to New Spain, this volume goes further than any previous study in defining the historic understanding of grotesque, and, in so doing, providing us with a more nuanced resource for our understanding of an art form once viewed as peripheral.