Career Information

Academic & Professional Opportunities in History of Art & Architecture

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it offers a selection of opportunities for finding the right career or job for you.

Career Alternatives for Art Historians

This site lists the criteria for numerous career options - some have links to other relevant websites.

Resources in Art History for Graduate Students

A regularly updated newsletter with information on fellowships, internships, research support, etc.

The Art Newspaper: Jobs

International listings in the art world.

The College Art Association Online Career Center

Academic job listings are found in the CAA's publication Careers, but this website includes updated listings on awards, internships, grants, etc., as well as professional advice, in the sections 'Career Development' and 'Resources and Opportunities'. Note: you must be a CAA member to obtain full job listing information.


Online career hub for higher education. Can browse Faculty & Research jobs by discipline.

The Museum Employment Resource Center

Lists openings in museums and other cultural institutions; also has a resumé-posting option.

Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) Career Center

Job listings as well as resources for both emerging and established scholars.

American Alliance of Museums (AAM) Careers and JobHQ

Listings of museum jobs via the American Alliance of Museums website, including sections devoted to emerging museum professionals and career management.

MUSEUM-L Archives

This very active listserv has numerous position openings (use "Search Archives" feature).

Versatile PhD

The largest online community dedicated to non-academic and non-faculty careers for PhDs in humanities, social sciences, and STEM. UCSB graduate students or postdoctoral scholars have access to premium content on the VPhD website free of charge, including discussion forums, job postings, and career profiles written by PhDs who were hired ​outside of academia.

Academic Jobs Wiki: Art History 2017-2018

A listing of academic and museum job searches taking place during the 2017-2018 academic year, for jobs starting 2018.

Career Resources & Professional Organizations

UCSB Career Services

Information for undergraduates and graduate students on career counseling, upcoming workshops, recruiting events, and other resources.

Career Resources for Undergraduates

A list of links to guide undergraduate students on how to apply for jobs, internships and graduate school; compiled by the College of Education at UT-Austin.


A wide-ranging list of jobs in the arts, with the ability to search by keyword, location and catagory.

Visual Resources Association (VRA) Employment Listing

Job listings and opportunities for image media professionals, including art and architecture librarians, image curators, and archivists; check also the VRA's Visual Resources Emerging Professionals and Students group for further employment and internship opportunities.

The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) Career Resources

Career resources for art librarians, as well as curators and other visual resources professionals.

MCN (Museum Computer Network) Mail Archive

Jobs regularly posted here for museum information professionals.

Careers in Architecture

UCSB does not offer a degree in architecture. However, on the websites of the organizations listed below, students can find information about studying architecture towards a professional career.

Recommendations for how students can develop their interest in architecture while studying at the Department of History of Art & Architecture:

  • Declare a major in the History of Art & Architecture, either with an Emphasis in Architecture & Environment or take as many courses in architectural history as the major requirements allow.
  • Organize independent research with faculty in the department who are working in architectural history and architecture.
  • Take courses in UCSB's Department of Art and Spatial Studies (Note that these courses are often oversubscribed and Art Majors may have priority).
  • Develop drawing and drafting skills by taking such courses as, for example, freehand drawing, architectural drafting, AutoCAD and 3-D computer programs. In addition to UCSB, check out Santa Barbara City College  for relevant courses.
  • Explore UCSB's departments of Mathematics and Physics to determine if they offer appropriate courses that meet or supplement requirements for any architectural programs you might consider entering after your time at UCSB (check with the school's architectural program about required course work).
  • Organize an internship with architects, landscape architects, municipal and county architects and planning offices, non-profit organizations working, for example, in the field of housing and sustainable architecture. History of Art & Architecture majors may be able to obtain course credits for internships; contact Savannah Sharp Parison, the department's Undergraduate Program Advisor, for more information.