Lilit Sadoyan Presented Paper at the Renaissance Society of America Conference

Lilit Sadoyan presented her paper, "Through the Warp and Weft of Perception: The Tapestry of Louis XIV Visiting the Gobelins," in the "Framing: Between Transience and Permanence II" panel of the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America in Chicago, IL (30 March - April 1 2017). La Visite aux Gobelins (1673) illustrates Louis XIV’s visit to the Manufacture Royale des Gobelins six years after this commemorative event took place. Given the circumstances of production and contextual viewing practices, Gérard Genette’s groundbreaking notion of “paratext” provides an apt conceptual model for interpreting the ways in which tapestries like this were perceived. Considering such liminal devices as the woven border frame, arms of France, royal insignia, and cartouches with inscriptions, this paper presents framing as an illocutionary act that both supplements and mediates an understanding of the figures and acts depicted therein. Furthermore, the most intriguing aspect of La Visite is the element of built-in self-referentiality, and its mise-en-abyme effect of the representation of the arts produced at the Gobelins.