Graduate Students Present Papers at the UCSB Early Modern Center Conference

Marta Faust and Suzanne van de Meerendonk, both Ph.D. Candidates, presented papers in the The LOSS of Art/The Art of LOSS panel at the UCSB Early Modern Center's annual conference, “Transience, Garbage, Excess, Loss: The Ephemeral, 1500-1800,” April 21-22, 2017.

Marta presented the paper "Eyed Awry: Visions and Memory in Zimmern Anamorphosis." Suzanne's paper, “Medium and Message: the After-life of Ephemeral Decorations for the Joyous Entry of Henrietta Maria Stuart in Amsterdam in 1642,” presented a case study of the way that the 1642 joyous entry of Henrietta Maria of England in Amsterdam was conceived as a spectacular experience, and through the mediation of what rhetorical and visual strategies its subsequent reproduction in text and image was imbued with (allegorical) meaning.