Lilit Sadoyan Presents Paper at Jacobs University, Bremen

Second-year Ph.D. student Lilit Sadoyan will be giving her paper, "The Fate of a Flinck: Repetition, Replication, and Remembrance in the Reuse of a 'Rembrandt' in Russia," at the Russian Art and Culture Group, Third Graduate Workshop at Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany, November 26-27, 2015. Lilit's paper explores the use of a 17th-century Dutch painting by Govaert Flinck (then thought to be by Rembrandt) on a 19th-century Russian porcelain vase produced in the Imperial Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg. The central concern is to address the issue of repetition, replication, reproduction, and reuse of the image as it manifests in the vase, which itself becomes an amalgamation of disparate decorative elements and media, highlighting the materiality of the porcelain object, and making a reference to various historical moments.

The third graduate workshop of the Russian Art and Culture Group, "Russian Art: Building Bridges Between East and West In Memoriam Dmitry Sarabyanov" focuses on Dmitry Sarabyanov (1923-2013)'s scholarship and the artistic dialogues between Russia and its neighbors to the west and to the east.